Using My Photos and Videos
I bet you are wondering my policy on using my photos and stuff. I have a different policy than other photographers, so please be sure to read everything here before using any picture of mine.

Note that in ANY instance, photos MAY NOT be edited or altered in ANY WAY. (example, cropping or removing watermark, using photoshop, etc.)

On Facebook:

For Facebook, re-posting is NOT allowed on personal profile accounts. If you wish to share a photo of mine with your friends, TAG yourself in it, and it will appear on your timeline to you and your friends. This way, the likes and comments get credited to my post, rather than yours. For pages (like your cosplay page), please ASK, BEFORE re-posting. In all posts which contain my photos, you MUST TAG ME in it with my name and a link back to my profile. This will send me a notification saying that you have tagged me. This is a GOOD thing, since I know where the photo is being used.

If you want to use a picture for your profile picture, use the "Make Profile Picture" option in the photo lightbox and be sure to select "SKIP CROPPING" and save the entire photo as your picture. You will still be able to pick the thumbnail for your picture. This way, the watermark and entire picture remains. You must tag me with my name and link to my profile in the post related to the profile picture. You might have to edit your post after you change your picture to do this.

Note that I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violations of these terms and I tend to block people without remorse for anyone that doesn't follow the rules.


For photos on, please reference the FAQ on that site for the rules.

For ALL Videos:

Videos are not to be re-posted, period. You may link to or use the "Share" button to share it with your friends, but re-posting in any form is not allowed.

Thank you for reading and obeying my wishes!